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October 27, 2011 - On Thursday October 27th, 2011, Aiea held its talent search auditions in the gym beginning at 1:15 afterschool. Many students came out to audition with a variety of different talents such as singing, dancing, and performing. With this unique array of people, the gym during this period was filled with a couple of hours of the best talents in the school. The judges would have a hard time making a decision on the 6-7 groups that would make the cut, but all who participated were proud in the fact that they did their best, and had the courage to try out no matter the result.


October 14, 2011: Aiea High School's sister school, Inokuchi High School from Hiroshima, Japan made their annual visit to the campus on Friday, October 14. Aiea's Japanese language students eagerly prepared for a day full of fun activities with their pen pals. The day consisted of performances and presentations from both Aiea High School students as well as the Inokuchi High School students, pen pal exchanges, cross-art and arts and crafts activities, and a fun-filled night of shopping and bonding at Pearl Ridge Shopping Center. Although the AHS students didn't get to see them again before they left; they were extremely happy to finally meet their pen pals in person. (Click on the images provided above to enlarge)


September 19, 2011 - September 23, 2011: The first school-wide event came to Aiea quick with adrenaline pumping spirits. Every staff and faculty member, football player, student government member and AHS student approached the week with competitive but positive attitudes. Being Aiea's 50th year anniversary, our homecoming theme was Here's to Many More; a theme to celebrate a big year and positive vibes to look forward to in our futures.The week consisted of it's usual homecoming dress-up days, noon hour activities, 2011 court, class t-shirts, banners and presentations, then of course the big homecoming game against Mililani High School. The numbers, participation and spirit in general was outstanding! Students dressed-up to the five dress-up days (Mustache Monday, 6-of-a-Kind Tuesday, Pretty in Pink Wednesday, That 70's Thursday and Class T-shirt Friday) and lined up at A5 to retrieve their spirit points. Student Association ran the noon hour activities during lunch co…


September 17, 2011: This school year is Aiea High School's 50th anniversary since it's opening in 1961. The AHS alumni association, AHS faculty and staff and kind-hearted individuals in the area worked to put together one of four big events going on throughout the school year to celebrate the school's 50th anniversary. Volunteers and chairpeople arrived at the school early that Saturday morning to set up for a day full of entertainment and activities for the AHS alumni. Aiea's current executive council participated by guiding and interacting with the alumni. Old classmates gathered and chatted in the school cafeteria for presentations, performances and a tour around the school years after their graduation classes. Clubs and classes presented their updated works like the graphics class, robotics club, smart board presentations, food service, creative dance, and visited our school's mini shop to purchase t-shirts, stickers and other items to remember the event. The d…