Monday, December 11, 2017

Winter Ball Centerpiece Basket Assembly 2017

There were five other SA officers all helping to create these centerpieces.

Aiea Community Christmas Parade 2017


Sam Kong House of Representatives District 33

Aiea High School Administrators Rock!

Mahalo Principal Tanuvasa and Vice Principal Tallman

Peer Education!

Love that student Government Council!  We got the Holiday Spirit!

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Flash Back to Children and Youth Summit 2017

Just a flash back to Aiea's Student leaders first time facilitating at this year's Children and Youth Summit during the Fall Break at the Hawaii State Capital.  Along side Moanalua High School's student leaders, Aiea high school's student leaders help facilitate group discussions centered around the question, how do we make our State a better place to live?

Mahalo to Aiea and Moanalua high school student leaders for volunteering their leadership skills and being a necessary instrument in expressing student voice.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Think Pink Week Donation

Student Association Officers dropping of Aiea High School's donation

Thank you Aiea!

The Susan G Komen Foundation is so thankful for all your hard work. The donation to help the fight against breast cancer was greatly appreciated!

Winterball Assembly 2017

It is officially the start of the holiday season! And the countdown to Winterball begins with the annual assembly.

Meet this year's Winterball court!

Thank you guys for all your hard work the previous weeks!

On to the class performances!




Loving all that spirit! 

And what winterball assembly would it be without a winterball proposal?