Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Welcome Back Assembly 2017

Welcome Back to School Year 2017-18!

A few words of welcome from our Principal.


 Class councils as well as Student Association performances!


Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Freshmen and New Student Orientation Day 2017

Freshmen and new students were welcomed by spirited mentors!

Recognition of our new to Hawaii Students.


After a few words of welcome by Principal Tanuvasa and the Freshmen Class President, students were treated to a small performance by the pep squad.


Energizers and games to kept the energy level high!

Campus tours led by our awesome upper class-men  mentors!


Friday, August 4, 2017

Teacher Help Day 2017

Before schools swings back into session, student volunteers and executive council go around helping teachers prepare their classrooms. 

Thank you to volunteers for helping create a successful event!


Keeping it spirited after those energizers!

Leaders in Action!

After hard work, volunteers are treated to lunch and refreshments.

Freshmen Orientation Mentor Training 2017

Plenty of excited upperclassmen to be freshmen mentors!
SA officers teaching the mentors ice breakers and energizers.
The energy level is always up!
And the smiles are always present!

Registration Day 2017

School year 2017-2018 is just around the corner!

In preparation for the upcoming year, students and parents were invited for early registration. 

 Where they could pick up their class schedules...
...buy new uniforms...
 ...pay for student dues...
...see new as well as familiar faces...
...regardless of the lines.

Thank you so much to the student volunteers and executive council for helping to create a successful event!



Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Welcome Aiea High School's New Principal

On behalf of the Students of Aiea we would like to give a warm welcome to our Principal Tanuvasa.

Student Association Officers welcome Principal Tanuvasa to Aiea High School.