Sunday, September 17, 2017

Homecoming Day 2017

Happy Homecoming Aiea! 

T-shirt Count!

Class shirts represented! With a couple lines counting past a hundred people! Wow Aiea!

Pep Rally!

Such an amazing performance!
Thank you court for all your hard work and dedication!

Everyone's float looked amazing!

Homecoming Game

Congrats to the juniors for winning float and dance!

Congrats to the seniors for winning spirit!

Thank you to everyone who made homecoming fun, and SA hopes you had fun as well!

Homecoming Week: Think Ahead Thursday 2017

Happy Think Ahead Thursday!

SA wearing some college wear!

Admin in on it!
Weber State!
Colleges and professions of all kind were represented today!

Going through some basic training.

Packing for college with a tetris style game.
To the rescue!

Thank you to today's participants! 

Spirit Points!
The seniors are still in the lead as we head toward Homecoming Day!
Remember to wear your class t-shirt for spirit points tomorrow!

Homecoimg Week: Wet n Wild Wednesday 2017

Happy Wet n Wild Wednesday! 

Happy to see Admin and teachers dressing up in their beach wear!


All ready for noon hour games!

Thank you to today's participants! 

Spirit Points!
The seniors are still in the lead!
Remember tomorrow is Think Ahead Thursday!

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Homecoming Week: Black Tie Tuesday 2017

Happy Black Tie Tuesday!
Everyone looked so lovely and elegant!

Seniors looking dapper and ready for today!

Can you tie a tie?

Thank you to participants who played in the noon hour games!

Spirit Points!
Seniors are still in the lead following today's events!
Be back here tomorrow for updates on Wet 'n Wild Wednesday!

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Homecoming Week: Remembrance Monday 2017

Happy Homecoming!

To start off the week, to honor 9/11, was Remembrance Monday. 

Admin and staff were game to show off their patriotic colors!

Everybody in red, white, and blue to get counted for spirit points!

Keeping it spirited all day!

Thank you to the participants who played and won spirit points for their class today!

Spirit Points!
Seniors take the lead following today's events!
Keep up spirit going because tomorrow is Black Tie Tuesday!